They say food is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss. unfortunately for me food is my biggest weakness, I’ve worked around food for my entire adult life and have made a career in the food industry. As much as I knew about how to make food taste great I didn't really know too much about using food as a tool for weight loss. Food as a fuel as opposed to food simply for pleasure. If only there was food that tasted great, was readily prepared for me and would help me train, lose weight and help me kick my sugar addiction. It turns out there is such food. I’ve created it and I know it is a game changer for the health and well-being of the Mount Gambier community. I’ve lost 13kgs since July 2017 and despite eating ALLL the food at Christmas time I've maintained my new weight, I’m now in a healthy weight range, I have above average muscle mass for my age and height. My body fat percentage is as low as it has ever been. I do fall off the wagon from time to time, yes I still smash the occasional big mac and yes chocolate is life, but I now know how to get back on the right path, I can reverse any slip-ups that would usually end in a 4 month blowout. This food works in conjunction with regular exercise and a renewed positive attitude towards life.

The feedback for these meals has been so warm and positive. I have realised pretty quickly that people’s only options for ‘take away’ food at night in our town is either expensive food from a restaurant or inexpensive food from a takeaway place high in saturated fats, sugar, salt and basically a hand-grenade to any best laid health plans. So here I am, with food that is tasty, packed full of protein and nutrients and made lovingly every day fresh in my kitchen. There are numerous different items every day. I’m proud of this little business, we are still in the very early days but I know it is a wonderful tool for so many people who need that little bit of extra help when time gets away from them.  Meal prep for the time poor, affordable and delicious. What more do you want?

Thanks for reading,