Gym Challenge Meals has been proud to collaborate with Cindafit. 

You can purchase a range of family sized 'Cindafit' meals from Gym Challenge Meals.

Lucinda is a weight loss coach, nutritionist and takes on clients in a catching capacity to teach them about the value of counting macronutrients in food and using this knowledge to create a healthy relationship with food. 

You can read more about Lucinda's incredible business and send all coaching enquiries  to:

Lucinda endorses Gym Challenge Meals as a healthy take away option to help busy people stay on track with their nutrition. Lucinda has been a valuable source of knowledge for Gym Challenge Meals and I am so thankful for our continued collaboration. 

Keep an eye on each of our social media pages for announcements on further recipes and exciting expansion on our working relationship throughout 2021. 

@cindafit -Instagram