How do I order the meals?
Click on the ‘Store’ of this website. Select the meals and snacks you would like to purchase and then use the check-out to purchase meals. You can also choose from a number of meal deals which are available. Simply select which of our outlets you would like to collect your meals at checkout

You can collect your pre-ordered meals from the following places:

  • Mount Gambier Hospital Kiosk (between 12-6:30pm Monday to Friday)
  • Gym Challenge Meals HQ between 11am and 5:30pm

Alternatively you can pop into our HQ in the Montebello Shopping Centre or  ring your order through during business hours on 87 250 515

What is the pricing of the meals?

  • Any vegetarian/vegan dish $12.50
  • Any chicken dish $12.90
  • Any lamb or beef dish $13.90
  • Any seafood dish $14.90
  • Any vegetarian GCM PLUS+ dish $14.90
  • Any chicken GCM PLUS+ dish $15.90
  • Any Lamb GCM PLUS+ dish $16.90
  • Any Seafood GCM PLUS+ dish $17.90

Meal deal bulk buy options:

  • Any 7 meals + 7 snacks $99 (spread throughout the week)
  • Any 14 meals and 14 snacks $189 (spread throughout the week)
  • 14 meals $175  (spread throughout the week)
  • 10 meals $159  (spread throughout the week)
  • Any 7 GCM PLUS+ meals + 7 snacks $125  (spread throughout the week)
  • Any `14 GCM PLUS+ meals + 14 snacks $229  (spread throughout the week)

How does the bulk buy meal options work?

You are able to take advantage of our bulk buy meals deals by ordering from out online store between the hours of 5pm every Friday evening and 8:30pm Sunday evening. You will not be able to access the meal deal discounts outside of this window. 

When you select the meal deal option you would like to purchase simply follow the prompts, select your lunch and dinner for each day before moving onto the nest days selection. Once you have made you selections you will be taken to the checkout section of the website where you can complete your purchase

Can I order meals at anytime?

Yes meals can be ordered online at anytime. However bulk buy meal deals must be ordered before 8:30pm on Sunday to take advantage of the bulk buy meal deals. Ordering outside this window means you will simply have to pay retail price for your meals. 

Are your meals halal certified?

No our food not halal certified.

Food allergies?

If you are anaphylactic to nuts we cannot guarantee traces of nuts will not be present in your meal. Most of our meals are gluten free however since moving into our new shopfront  we now do have some meals that contain gluten. 

How do I reheat meals?

Reheating meals is straight forward by simply removing the lid and heat your food up for 2-3 minutes in the microwave. If you are re-heating lamb and steak then we suggest heating the vegetable portion of your meal up for 2-3 minutes and the steak/lamb for only 1 minute to ensure the meat remains tender.

Is there a minimum order spend for online orders?

No. There is no miminum order.

How do I make payment?

Payment is made via secure credit card payment using the shopify online e-commerce platform. Once you have selected your meals click the checkout .

When are cut off times for orders?

For bulk buy meal deals the cut-off time is 8:30pm every Sunday evening. there is no cutoff for other online orders. You can order from our online store 24 Hours a day to collect during our business hours. 

What happens if I receive incorrect order?

We will endeavour to replace your meal and try our best to get it to you. If this cannot be achieved and you are dissatisfied, we will offer you a full refund on the missing meal. Call us on 87250515 to let us know about any error and we will endeavour to find solution for you.

Can I spread meals over 2 weeks?

No. however we do have a number of smaller meal deals that will allow you keep costs down

Do I have to order meals online?

No! you are welcome to pop into our  HQ in the Montebello shopping centre where you will be able to select from our complete range of ready made meals. Some meals may have sold out so pre-ordering is the best way to ensure you get exactly the meals you want.

 Do I have to be a member of the F45 gym in Mount Gambier to order meals from this website?

No! Anyone is welcome to order food from Gym Challenge Meals Mount Gambier. If you are doing a 'challenge at any of the other fitness centres in Mount Gambier we encourage you to use GCM. Nutrition is the key to achieving excellent fat loss result in a Gym Challenge.

Are you affiliated with F45 in any way?
No! I am simply a proud member of the F45 community here in Mount Gambier. I have absolutely no financial interest in F45 nor am I an employee of F45. I have had great success personally on my fitness journey using the F45 training and meal plan so I thought I'd simply recreate the food and offer it to anyone who would like to try. It's a system that works and F45 is a welcoming, diverse community of people and an excellent place to train.

Do you deliver?
We are not offering a home delivery service this point in time however we do have plans to deliver in 2022. Pre-ordered meals can be picked up from the Our HQ in the Montebello Shopping Centre or The Mount Gambier Hospital.

Are there any other outlets where I can purchase GCM’s if I don’t have a pre-order? 
Yes, Gym Challenge Meals can be purchased over the counter from the following outlets: 

  • She' Apples Mount Gambier
  • Mount Gambier Hospital Kiosk
  • Badenochs Deli
  • Penola IGA fresh 
  • Bricks and Mortar Coffee Co
  • Ignition Fitness, Millicent 
  • The Fitness Hubs, Robe (order forms can be collected at the gym)

How do I get in contact? 
Please visit our contact page on this website or our Facebook page (click the icon at the foot of this page to be redirected) and we will get back to you shortly or call our kitchen and one of our friendly staff will answer your questions on 87 25051. You can also send is a DM on our Instagram account @gymchallengemeals

Where can I see examples of the food available?
Check out the Menu tab on this website or visit our Instagram @gymchallengemeals

Can the meals be frozen? 
That depends on the dish. Lots of the meals contain fresh delicate salad and lettuce that would not freeze well. The quality of these dishes would be greatly compromised once thawed out. There are some meals however which would freeze well and reheat perfectly. If you have any questions regarding, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

What makes the meals ‘healthy’?
All meals are recipes inspired by the F45 challenge meal plan which a is a diet created by industry leaders and nutritionists to promote weight loss and the retention and growth of lean muscle mass. All meals are low in saturated fats, sugars and bad cholesterols. The meals are high in protein, vitamins and minerals found naturally in lean meats, vegetables, legumes and herbs. If you are training at any gym or if you are simply exercising on your own terms at your own pace but want a quick, easy affordable take-away alternative then these meals are ideal for you.

Are your meals Gluten Free? 
Yes most Gym Challenge meals options are gluten free. However there are a few exceptions. Click on each meal on this website for further nutrient and allergen information.