Here is everything you need to know about our new home delivery service.

Q: When does home delivery begin?

A: Home Delivery will be open for orders from 5pm on Friday the 17th of June. Orders open at 5pm on Friday afternoon and the cut-off is every Sunday evening at 10:30pm. 

Q: What days will my food be delivered? 

A: Your food will be delivered each Tuesday and Friday. When you order our meal bundles they will be split evenly between both days to ensure you are receiving food that is as fresh as possible. 

Q: Is there a delivery very fee? 

A: Yes there is a $12 delivery fee for every order. If you have meals delivered over 2 days the delivery fee will only be charged once. 

Q: Can I choose what time my food will be delivered? 

A: Yes you can choose a 'delivery window' and we will do our best to ensure we get the food delivered in this time. Please keep in mind that this is a new system and there may be a few teething problems as we streamline our systems and figure out the most effective way to do things.  

Q: Do you deliver to areas outside of Mount Gambier? 

A: We are currently only able to deliver within a 10km radius of Mount Gambier. If you live outside of this radius you will only be able to select 'Pick up only'. We do hope to roll this service out to as far as Naracoorte and across the border into Western Victoria within the next 3-4 Months. 

Q: Is there a minimum order limit to access home delivery? 

A: Yes. Your order must be a minimum of $99 to access our home delivery service. Keep in mind you can get smaller order delivered by using the FOXTAIL grocery app. You can download the link for the app at the bottom of this Q&A

Q: can I still order online and pick up from your HQ or other pickup outlets? 

A: Yes you can still select a pick up option that is most suitable for you from our HQ in Montebello, The Mount Gambier Hospital Cafe, The Nourish Nook or Squashbrook Health and Fitness.

Q: Can I select your daily specials on any day now or are they still locked into particular days?  

A: The daily specials will now be available to select on any day of the week! No more having to wait for your favourite special. Weekly Menu specials will still be posted weekly, every Friday afternoon.


FOXTAIL HOME DELIVERY. Perfect for smaller orders. 

You can now order and get delivered a selection of Gym Challenge Meals directly through local grocery delivery service FOXTAIL 

Click the link and download the app now. Getting your GCM fix has never been easier. Order now for same day delivery. Shop all of our meals along with smoothies, juices and protein powder. 

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