Menu for the week beginning Monday 24th of January Use the code NEWYEAR20' for 20% off your first online this year.   

Pick up this week will be Monday and Friday 

Menu for the week beginning Monday 24th of January

 Monday and Tuesday


Vietnamese Chicken Rainbow Salad GF DF

346 calories 30.5g Protein 13.7g Fat 19.74g Carbs



Lamb and Seeded Mustard Roasted Vegetables GF DF

453 Calories 41g Protein 17.8g fat 25.8g Carbs



Gemma’s Tofu Laksa GF DF VEGAN

353 Calories 13.8g Protein 13.98g Fat 38g Carbs



Wednesday and Thursday


Slow cooked Lamb Ragu w Penne Pasta CONTAINS GLUTEN

381 Calories 34g Protein 10.6g Fat 34g carbs



Chicken and Sun-dried Tomato Bean Salad GF DF

442 Calories 46.9g Protein 11.5g Fat 30.8g Carbs



Kale and Red Lentil Dhal GF DF VEGAN

359 Calories 21.2G Protein 8.6g Fat 42g Carbs





Chicken and Avocado Salad

447 Calories 30.65g Protein 27.86g Fat 14.3g Carbs



Pesto Chicken Breast with Roasted Pumpkin and Peas

450 Calories 42.2g Protein 20.3g fat 19.9g Carbs




403 Calories 21g Protein 13g Fat 44g Carbs



Everyday Meals. (these meals are available in store every day and available to order online at any time)

Spicy meatballs with basil napolitana sauce GF DF

Cajun Chicken with southern dirty fried rice GF DF

Lentil and sweet potato coconut curry GF DF VEGAN

 Thai coconut chicken curry GF DF

 Thai chicken mince with rice GF DF

 lentil and bean stuffed capsicum with basil Napoletana sauce GF V

 Barramundi with macadamia and herb crust GF DF

 Pepper Steak with sweet potato mash and green beans GF DF

 Warm Chicken broccoli and feta salad GF DF

 Char Siu Pork with vegetable rice DF

 Goulash GF DF VEGAN

 Sweet potato and rice patties with salad GF DF VEGAN

 Thai Chicken savoury mince with brown rice GF DF

 Shredded chicken nasi goreng GF DF

Chicken Korma GF DF

 Chicken Caesar Salad GF

 Chicken Cold Rolls GF DF

Cindafit Pad Thai GF DF 

 Cindafit Beef Chow Mein DF