We are excited to announce that we have created a low FODMAP diet that will soon be available at Gym Challenge Meals. This has been specifically designed for people who have been medically diagnosed with IBS and directed by their GP, Dietitian, or Gastroenterologist to commence a low FODMAP diet.
The low FODMAP diet is low in naturally occurring fermentable carbohydrates which can trigger some symptoms in people who have been medically diagnosed with IBS.
Dietitian designed, the low FODMAP meals we provide can be used to mange IBS and make the process of cooking and preparing low FODMAP meals easier. It is used as a trial diet for around four weeks, before a reintroduction process is followed, under the guidance of a Dietitian, to identify individual triggers. It is not a weight loss tool and not calorie counted, but the portion sizes and weights are like current Gym Challenge Meals offerings.
We believe having this option available in the region with take a lot of errors out of the low FODMAP diet, improve treatment, and help both patients and professionals increase the likelihood of a successful clinical outcome. We encourage any health professionals to get in contact with us regarding our low FODMAP diet and order forms.
How to order: 
Order forms can be collected IN STORE only at GCM at our Montebello HQ or from Dietician Megan Watt's Clinic Hawkins @Pinehall. 
Forms must be completed and returned to GC no later than 1PM every Saturday  for Tuesday Pick up. 
Meals must be pre-ordered and ordered in bulk. Meals can be collected every Tuesday and Friday from GCM after 11am. 



14 x meals, 100% Low FODMAP compliant. 

Lunch and Dinner for 1 Week

$12.50 per meal



28 x meals, 100% Low FODMAP compliant. 

Lunch and Dinner for 2 Weeks

$11.42 per meal