Gym Challenge Meals



Be your best you with our amazing meal deal to plan out your week whilst also saving money. Our easy to use, convenient ordering system allows you to select each delicious meal for your week ahead!

You can only select +PLUS meals in this meal deal. Please note not all meals are yet available in PLUS sizes. More meals will be added to this range over the coming weeks and months. 

This meal deal offers 7 Gym Challenge + PLUS meals and 7 snacks weekly for $125. Please note not all meals are currently available as +PLUS meals. Keep checking back over the coming weeks for extra additions to this range. 

That's dinner plus snacks sorted for the whole week!

Meals will be evenly distributed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at your chosen pickup location. If you would like to collect meals outside of the collection window, please leave directions in the notes box on checkout.

Would you like a paper carry bag with your order for $ 1

Proceed to Tuesday
Subscription meals can be selected between 5pm Friday and 8:30pm Sunday prior to the week ahead

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