Caitlin Jenner @caitlinjenner

Gym Challenge Meals was a godsend for me during my challenge! I quickly learnt how important it is to fuel your body with healthy and nutritious food to achieve the best results. Alex’s meals are always the highest quality and packed full of flavour. Sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t have the time to meal prep. I can always count on Gym Challenge Meals to provide me with something healthy and delicious to keep me on track. It’s now been a few months since I finished my challenge I still purchase meals from them regularly to help maintain my current level of fitness. I look forward to participating in the next challenge at F45 Training Mount Gambier with the support from Alex and Lily at Gym Challenge Meals.
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Tony Steen 

I knew I was unfit and I knew my health wasn’t the best and it was Jason who convinced me I had to make a change so he signed me up to F45 about 6 months ago. I remember thinking I’d never last, especially after not even being able to do a push up on my knees. It was hard but the feeling after my first class was something I’d not felt in years, (I felt pretty sore!) but I felt good, it was a natural high and before I knew it id done a few classes. Suddenly I started to feel better, less sore after each class and I couldn’t wait to get back in there each morning. My diet has completely changed too. I did the F45 challenge and started to eat better. I’d grab a Gym Challenge Meal instead of a pasty and we started preparing healthier meals at home. I still love a beer and I still eat out when I need to, but I know what I need to do to keep things under control now.

I’ve lost over 12kgs in 6 months. I can now do full push ups, I can do burpees, squats and I can keep up with Jason in class now. I love it. The best thing is I wear a fitbit and at night my resting heartrate was over 85BPM on average before but I’ve seen it come down now to a resting 60-65BPM. I’m fitter and I sleep better and I truly believe that eating well and exercising has changed my life. Thanks to Lisa and the team at F45 for welcoming me and easing me into training despite not knowing what the bloody hell I was doing! Also a big thanks to Alex and his team at Gym Challenge Meals for helping me out with good food at lunch when I needed it. If I can do it anybody can!

Lincoln Edwards @Lincoln_edwards78

I would really like to thank you for putting your heart and soul in to your challenge meals. Your food has helped me and lots more people to lose weight in fact I have lost over 20kg in two challenges and a lot has got to do with your meals. 

You do a awesome job as we all live a fast lifestyle nowadays and hit the fast food takeaways far too often. Mate your meals have helped me so much to stay away from bad choices and they are my new life changing takeaway meals now. 

They taste so good and I have never had a bad one yet! keep up the good work mate I’m so glad you have helped me and so many others. 

Emma Nisbett @emkatte94

If I said I wasn’t apprehensive about completing the F45 8 week challenge, I would be lying. I wasn’t confident that I would be able to succeed as I thought I would give up after being too hungry or tempted by others foods not on the meal plans, if you know me well you’ll know how much I love my food! That was my mind set 8 weeks ago, but my mind set today is a complete 180. I have just completed the full 8 weeks and could not be more happy with my efforts and results. I have to attribute a lot of my success to the Gym Challenge Meals from the Mount Gambier Hospital kiosk. I bought my lunches and dinners from Alex and the team every day of the 8 week challenge and if it wasn’t for the convenience and taste I can honestly say I would not have succeed as much as I have.

There were so many perks to utilising these meals from me saving money to saving time not having to meal prep which definitely comes in handy when you’re a shift worker. I also found that I wasn’t wasting as much food as I have in the past as the meals are complete when you pick them up, it’s just a matter of whacking them in the microwave then you’re done.. plus minimal clean up! I could not recommend these meals to help you succeed in the 8 week challenge or all year round for that matter! I can say that I have lost 6.8 kg in weight, 5.3 kg of pure body fat and reduced my body fat percentage from 20.2 to 14.2!

Robyn Hill @snobbyrobbie

July 2018, I had seen a lot of posts on face book & heard people talking about gym challenge meals, thinking what’s all this hype about I made my way out to the hospital kiosk to see for myself, bought my very first lunch which was delicious to my surprise! Can healthy food really taste this good?

I then started having gym meals most week days for lunch instead of a pie from across the road at work. I enjoyed the variety of meals and trying different things that I’d not had before. I joined F45 in the following month & decided to get on board with the F45 8 week challenge, during the challenge it was helpful to have gym challenge meals when I hadn’t done my meal prep or was not feeling like meal prepping, they definitely kept me on track.

I cannot express how grateful I am to Alex and his team for the food, the meals are always delicious, satisfying & they make a busy life so much easier.
I have now been getting meals for over a year, completed 4 F45 challenges & lost 29.9kg (almost 30). Gym Challenge Meals have certainly helped me on my journey an I will forever be grateful to Alex and the team for offering this service locally.
I’m a very happy customer. Thank you!
Alanna Guthridge @alannaguthridge @alanamaree_
My passion for health and fitness kickstarted when I first joined F45 back in 2018! I had no idea about eating for fuel, the different nutrients the body needed daily or even the very basics of nutrition. After signing up for my first 8 week challenge I slowly began to learn the basics of calories, macronutrients and the huge effects nutrition can have on body composition. ⠀

Alex was brilliant through my first few challenges! I was working a full time job and having gym challenge meals easily accessible, calorie counted and not to mention how delicious they are - made all the difference in my results!⠀

Now I am happier, more confident and on track with my goals! I am now a qualified trainer at F45 and currently studying a bachelor of nutrition - with plans to start my own business in the next 12 months 🤗⠀

I can’t thank Alex enough for the part he has played in my journey. If you too are just starting out and feeling a little lost and confused on the nutrition side of things - see Alex and the team at GCM and you can be sure that you’re fueling your body with good, wholesome food! 🙌🏼” ⠀

Here at Gym Challenge Meals, we pride ourselves on delivering nutritious delicious food that is good for you. We do the prep, so you don’t have to.